Diploma in Organizational Leadership

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Course Description

This course examines the theories and models of leadership and followership. Environmental factors,
organizational objectives, company culture, and individual and group ethical standards will be examined to
incorporate situational determinants of leadership effectiveness.
This course will provide a new framework on what “leadership” entails, along with developing an
understanding for the skills and knowledge to how best address leadership opportunities now and in the
future. Students’ ability to understand and apply diverse approaches to the leadership in organizations is
emphasized by readings and case analyses of pertinent management materials. The emphasis is on
building a sound grasp of good practice, and on developing the ability to apply such knowledge to actual
business problems.


Learning Objectives

  • Define leadership, describe the role of genetics and development on individual leadership
    capability and be able to identify popular distinctions in the differences between leaders versus
  • Assess the state of current leadership capacity within organizations and suggest how a
    leadership needs analysis can support and enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills through participation in experiential exercises.
    . Assess personal values, beliefs and ethical standards to enhance self-awareness in regard to
    personal leadership behaviors and reactions to leadership behaviors of others.
  • Identify how leading a team is different from leading a group of individuals.
  • Identify special challenges involved in leading geographically dispersed (virtual) teams.
  • Describe the role of culture in determining effective leadership perceptions and outcomes.
  • Understand leadership at the Personal, Interpersonal, Team and Organizational levels (PITO)
  • and the array of leader-follower-situation (LFS) variables that influence the leadership process.



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